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August, 2017

CHiKA is interested in finding a Japanese homophone with a unique combination of meanings. She uses it to conceptualize and expand her ideas around its meaning to create her installation. The rhythm of Light is the main elements deeply inspired by the exciting lights from night-life, minimalistic art, and public interaction. Her artwork has simple geometric beauty and contains very complicated mechanisms that interact with the public.

EN_PROTO is a working process of making a new installation, EN for the Bronx Calling: the Fourth AIM Biennial this summer. EN is a Japanese homophone and means, circle ( 円 ), connection ( 縁 ), and feast ( 宴 ). Through making 100 circles in digital drawing and studying how medium work with it, EN_PROTOshape is somehow circle and connects public through the beautiful light exploring the infinity of lines and circles without any programming using a computer.

CHiKA is a Japanese-born artist graduated NYU ITP in 2011, an ITP Resident in 2012, an Eyebeam Resident in 2013, a BRIC Media Art Fellow, a resident of The Triangle Art Association Workshop in 2015, a Media Lab Researcher at Metropolitan Museum in 2016, and a participant in Bronx Museum AIM Program in 2016 and a resident of the Harvestworks Workspace in 2017. Her work has shown in numerous international venues and festivals, including Metropolitan Museum, the American Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Art and Design, NY Hall of Science, Eyebeam, Harvestworks, the Hammer Museum, San Francisco Art Institute, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Museo Regional de Guadalajara, Matadero Madrid, and International Biennial Contemporary Art ULA-2010, Mapping Festival, Mutek, Dumbo Art Festival and among others.

EN is viewed at Bronx Museum: BRONX CALLING: the fourth AIM Biennial, July 22 to October 22, 2017