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mh PROJECT ノコギリニ

4-11-3, Kagoya, Ichinomiya-City, Aichi 494-0002, JAPAN

photo by Toshikatsu Aoki

Semi-permanent Site-specific Installation _01

Matthias Liechti April 2022

Symbols and symbolisms - forming mind shaped communities consisting of holes, blanks and ways out. Clocks that could let us know when exactly we are and when exactly we have to be. Gates and portals whose passageways could let us know where we are and how we have to be. Cinema chairs for 6-year-olds which could let them know in which direction they can look and think and in which direction they have to think and look. Coffee grounds that show Margarita‘s future and colorful insects whose colorfulness becomes their doom. A, b, c lessons in the park with kids and crows and without teachers. Objects that could be used right or wrong or otherwise, and repetitive, incessantly dripping water that overrides everything else, resembling the constant ticking of a clock - thunder, birdsong and a short screech of a goose. All synthetically produced, everything guaranteed unnatural and everything exactly like nature.

ML 2021

Holes, Blanks, Ways Out (window blinds)
offset print, installation dimensions variable, 2022

Holes, Blanks, Ways Out (framed exhibition poster)
offset print, 70 x 96 cm, 2020