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mh PROJECT ノコギリニ 




2019 COOL Winter Events DECEMBER 6


FRIDAY, DECEMBER 6, two stages @7PM & @9PM
*invited guests only



The project titled, “See the Light of Day” is created by Hiromi Kiba. It is based on her dance floor realization. Hiromi rediscovered her very existence in the center of New York dance party scene in last five years. Universal language has spoken. She was hooked on listening. Her bodily motions released full of emotions. Absolute truth delivered to her ears and deeply moved her soul. Thanks to music that nurtured love. Dancing was her salvation. Mirror balls have literally watched over her during her transitional period. The dance floor became her sanctuary. She is a firm believer in music and ready to let go of her fear. She created abridged version of her poem titled, “Mirror Ball (Hanging in front of you?)”, 2019 for this project. Her poetry reading performance with dance tracks and mirror ball illuminations celebrates survival, resilience and rebirth with following talent.

Kiichiro Adachi created his kinetic sculpture titled, “Apple Core” in 2016, mirror, motor, LED light, mixed media, 24” x 24” x 50”. Kiichiro was inspired by non-secular light on a mirror ball found in the night club. His one-of-a-kind mirror ball captures transcendental light in timeless space, thus enhances Hiromi’s poetic enlightenment.

Monchan created three tracks: 1) Alfonso Bottone’s “Expressions (Monchan Remix)” in 2019 2) Skyscraper’s “Crushed (Monchan Remix)” in 2000 and 3) Blackulture’s “African Bell (Monchan Waide Remix)” in 2019 and edited as one sequence for this project. Monchan’s danceable elements uplift Hiromi’s poem. His down-tempo with female vocal, complements her reading voice, enigmatically. The subtle pull of his music in fact, can push the boundary of her untold story at ease.

Sherese Francis led Free Verse class as a part of the NYC Department of Probation program in Jamaica, Queens where she taught Hiromi how to write poems. Sherese has helped editing her poem for this project in order to empower Hiromi’s inner voice.

Hiromi Kiba resides in New York City. Earned BFA in Painting from School of Visual Arts, New York, NY in 1995 and MFA in New Forms from The City College of New York/CUNY, New York, NY in 2001. Worked for MOMA PS1’s annual music event, “Warm Up”, Long Island City, NY between 1999 and 2002. Traveled South East Asia and India for eighteen months between 2003 and 2004. Worked for United States Postal Service in Pittsburgh, PA, Long Island, NY as Mail Handler and New York, NY as Mail Carrier between 2005 and 2013. Resumed dancing regularly at various dance parties such as Cedar Room, Joy, The Loft, 718 Sessions and Deep Space since 2014. Annual party training extends throughout the nation of Japan except Okinawa for three to six months in last five years. Splitting her time as a disaster volunteer in devastated towns affected by 2018 Hokkaido earthquake, 2016 Kumamoto earthquake and 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Currently contributing her essay on “Music and Spirituality” for monthly print fanzine, “Love Injection”, Brooklyn, New York.

Kiichiro Adachi (born 1979, Osaka, Japan) graduated from Tama Art University. Currently he lives and works in New York. His selected solo exhibitions are Shirley Fiterman Art Center Window, (New York/2019), AIB Gallery(Detroit/2018), Island(Tokyo/2015), hpgrp gallery(Tokyo/ 2013), NADiff gallery(Tokyo/2010). Selected group exhibitions are “Energy Flash” at Hyndai card Storage(Seoul/2019), "Meets ART-the casket of the forest" at Hakone Open-Air Museum(Japan/2014), "Trans-Cool TOKYO” at Taipei Fine Arts Museum(Taiwan/2011) and Singapore Art Museum(Singapore/2010), "Busan Biennale”(South Korea/2010), "When Lives Become Form” at São Paulo Museum of Modern Art(Brazil/2008), “Space For Your Future” at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Japan(2007).

Sherese Francis is a Queens-based poet, text artist, spec. fic. writer, workshop facilitator, and literary curator of the mobile library project, J. Expressions. She has published and will publish work in journals and anthologies including Obsidian Lit, Cosmonauts Avenue, No Dear, Apex Magazine, La Pluma Y La Tinta’s New Voices Anthology, The Pierian Literary Review, Bone Bouquet, African Voices, Newtown Literary, Free Verse and Near Kin: A Collection of Words and Arts Inspired by Octavia Butler. Additionally, she has published two chapbooks, Lucy’s Bone Scrolls and Variations on Sett/ling Seed/ling. Currently, she is a co-editor and board member of Harlequin Creature and a core member of The Southeast Queens Artist Alliance.

Inspired by early 90's house music, Toshi Moriguchi AKA DJ Monchan has been spinning many genres and producing disco edits and deep house music over a decade in New York City. A longtime supporter of NYC's underground, he runs and operates, where.. Hailing from The Land of the Rising Sun, he relocated to New York City in the early- nineties and deeply immersed himself in the local, underground dance scene, meeting innovators and trendsetters at venues such as Sound Factory, Sound Factory Bar, Tunnel, Twilo and Paradium. He established himself early on working behind the scenes at several record outlets. Toiling beside legends such as Charlie Grappone from Vinylmania enhanced his appreciation for House and Disco. At EKS Vinyl Plant, he witnessed and took part in production. Presently he can be found at A-1 Record Shop in the East Village, buying records for the dance section. Moved to contribute to an underground community, he directs and operates, where he spins and hosts local, upcoming DJs as well as established veterans. There he provides a platform where he and his friends upload mixed sets, broadcast live music and post art, photography, flyers and info of upcoming events. Not surprisingly from his devotion of putting together mixed sets, Toshi, as he is known to his friends, has grown into a producer. With already eight releases on his own Dailysessions Records Label and the EP on the Downtown 304 Label, he continues to pave the way for his passion. Already