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Face the Music

Experiments On New Sound Rituals

Hiromi Kiba

FRIDAY I Dec. 17 I Face the Music with three video monitors I 7PM
SUNDAY I Dec. 19 I Face the Music with playing records I 7PM
TUESDAY I Dec. 21 I Face the Music with found objects I 7PM


Hiromi Kiba wrote a poem, ‘Face the Music’ in summer 2021. The subject was domestic violence, based on her experience in 90s New York City. A sense of confinement inspired the poem during the pandemic lockdowns. Kiba’s poetry performance of the above same title is dedicated to the victims and survivors of the violence. This work initially emerged as one of her realizations on the dance floor. She reclaimed the part of her life, reflecting on her failure and resilience through the power of music.

Three versions were produced and performed at various sites in Brooklyn to raise public awareness. As a result, her poetry reading was collaborated with Shoko Nagai - musician at Scholes Street Studio in East Williamsburg, Erica Roden - DJ at Mixtape Shop in Bed-Stuy, and Jasmine Espinal - muralist at NARS Foundation in Sunset Park. After editing each performance video, she became interested in ritualistic aspects combined in costume and choreography. She also intended to develop her solo trial from her collaborative experiences.

For the 2021 Winter Performance at mh PROJECT nyc, Kiba experiments her spoken word in sync with sound, light, visual, and movement. She attempts three variations of ‘New Sound Rituals’ to enhance contexts of the ‘Face the Music’ poetry performance with: 1) Three video monitors - she inserts her five prelude performance videos about the process of destroying her record collection while reciting her poem. 2) Playing records - she selects thirteen tracks and plays each track by vinyl after a specific verse was spoken. 3) Found objects - she moves her body, applies her childhood toys and other materials to make sound and accentuate her spoken word.

Hiromi Kiba
is a Queens based interdisciplinary artist, born in Ise, Japan. Growing up in a fishing village along Kii peninsula, she found outlets in fashion, records, and night clubbing. Kiba holds a MFA in new forms from The City College (NYC, 2001) and a BFA in painting from School of Visual Arts (NYC, 1995). Kiba has performed at Rosekill Art Farm (Rosendale, NY), The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts/Blackburn 20/20 (NYC, 2022), mh PROJECT nyc (NYC, 2021 - 2019), The Mixtape Shop (NYC, 2021), NYC Poetry Festival (NYC, 2021), Scholes Street Studio (NYC, 2021), and Nowhere (NYC, 2021). Past group exhibitions include NARS Foundation (NYC, 2022, 2021), The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts/Blackburn 20/20 (NYC, 2022). Kiba participated in residencies at Chashama (NYC, 2022) and NARS Foundation (NYC, 2021). Kiba is a contributor to Harlequin Creature (NYC, 2021) and Love Injection (NYC, 2022 - 2019). She received from IFPDA/Blackburn Scholarship (NYC, 2022), City Artist Corps Grants/NYFA (NYC, 2021), Therese McCabe Ralston Connor Awards/CUNY (NYC, 2000,
1999), and Presidential Award/SVA (NYC, 1992).

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