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mh PROJECT ノコギリニ 





A solo exhibition of a new site-specific evolving installation


mh PROJECT nyc is very pleased to present a site-specific evolving installation “Worldline”, by New York based German-American artist Liv Rahel Schwenk. 

In her first New York solo exhibition “Worldline” Liv Rahel Schwenk fuses several practices of her work to create an interdependent web of patterns and traces. Drawing, video, and performance become different sides of the same multidimensional coin.

Her use of a simple algorithm, applied to a set of shapes or lines within a grid marks the point of departure for a process in which the pattern is repeated in different modes of representation, place, and scale. These different iterations are both separate works as well as parts of a connected whole in which each layer is characterized by where and when it was made or is being made. While some layers seem fixed others are in a constant process of becoming, or being altered or undone.

A performance on the night of the opening temporarily completes the network of cause and effect between the different works while simultaneously pointing toward new alterations or additions which will happen during the course of the residency at mhPROJECT.

Worldline” is a term borrowed from theoretical physics and describes the curve in spacetime of an object or particle throughout its (known) existence.

Liv Rahel Schwenk is a Brooklyn based interdisciplinary artist, working with a process-oriented perspective in the fields of painting/drawing, video, and performance. She studied Fine Art at the Art Academy Düsseldorf, Germany with artist Georg Herold. In 2013 she received a DAAD grant to study dance in NYC, and to explore the ideas behind her algorithmic visual work as they connect to dance and choreography. She was recently featured in an interview with Ante Mag as part of the series “21 artists to watch in 2021”. Liv has exhibited internationally, most recently at Simultanhalle, Cologne, Germany with a choreographic and site-specific piece “Embedded Circles”. She has published two artist books and appears in various exhibition catalogues and zines.