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2019 COOL Winter Events DECEMBER 8


Mottel_Mottel ; the flower emerges out of the frozen image.- an epilogue to a performance by Steve Dalachinsky.




In September 2018, artist Matt Mottel shared with the public his father, Syeus Mottel's archival 35 mm color slide photography during a two week exhibition/residency at mh PROJECT nyc. Over the course of 15 nights, Mottel recorded each event, which paired the slide images with new performance.

One of these performances was with artist and poet Steve Dalachinsky, who died suddenly on September 16, 2019.  Joining him during the September 2018 performance were musicians Daniel Carter and Kevin Shea.

At the invitation, to organize a year end event at mh PROJECT nyc, Mottel and mh PROJECT nyc agreed it was a good idea to revisit this performance with Steve; as both a tribute and remembrance.

On December 8th from 4-6pm, in collaboration with Bradley Eros, Jean Carla Rodea and Nicola Hein, an echo of the original performance will be shared in the room, while a new performance is created.

The video documentation of the Sept 22, 2018 event with Steve, Daniel and Kevin, is 'frozen' by the re-projection of the performance.

The artists invited by Mottel (some of who participated in the original 15 nights) will expand the projection of the original performance -- adding new music, performance, collage, etc to the gallery; sprouting a new flower from an event of the past.

The 'frozen release' takes an 'ephemeral moment' and releases it back into the wild of the present. 'The frozen release', similar to the 'liquid release' is a celebration of various interdisciplinary art making activities.

The liquid/frozen release accepts the fragility of the ecosystem and offers artists an alternative template that bypasses the ‘making of things’ into a more ritualistic and celebratory action.

Steven Donald Dalachinsky (September 29, 1946 – September 16, 2019)[1][2] was an American downtown New York City poet, active in the music, art, and free jazz scenes.[3] He wrote poetry for most of his life and read frequently at Michael Dorf's club the Knitting Factory, the Poetry Project and the Vision Festival, an Avant-jazz festival held annually on the Lower East Side of New York City. Dalachinsky also read his works in Japan, France and Germany. He collaborated with many musicians, writing liner notes for artists: William Parker, Susie Ibarra, Matthew Shipp, Roy Campbell, Daniel Carter, Sabir Mateen, Jim O'Rourke and Mat Maneri

Dalachinsky authored numerous books including a compendium of poetry written while listening to saxophonist Charles Gayle perform throughout New York City, and a collection of poems which focused on his time as a superintendent at an apartment building in Soho. Along with pianist Matthew Shipp, he co-authored the book Logos and Language: A Post-Jazz Metaphorical Dialogue and collaborated with French photographer Jacques Bisceglia on Reaching Into The Unknown. His spoken word albums include Incomplete Directions and a collaboration with Shipp on the album Phenomena of Interference. Dalachinsky's works also appeared in several journals and anthologies as well.

He received the Franz Kafka Prize, Acker Award, PEN Oakland/Josephine Miles Literary Award and was nominated for a 2015 Pushcart Prize. He lived in Manhattan with his wife, painter and poet Yuko Otomo.

Matt Mottel is a musician, artist, performer and writer.  He recently returned from Salzburg Austria where he was researching the history of the keytar. In the process, Matt Mottel became the adopted son of Mozart; Mozart Jrrr;  creating mystification and confusion in a town with a distinct traditional identity.

These investigations often are in the form of sculpture, intermedia art installation and performance; creating unique environments for archival media to exist within. Matthew was an Artist In Residence At Issue Project Room in 2010 and an LMCC Swing Space Recipient in 2011.  He has presented work at the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago; Victoria & Albert Museum, London; The Kitchen, New York; Deitch Projects, New York; All Tomorrow's Parties Festival; London and Moers Music, Germany. He received his B.A at SUNY New Paltz, with a degree in Political & Cultural Studies in 2003. He presented his thesis exhibition  ‘CHARAS IS ALIVE ON SPACESHIP EARTH’ at the Loisaida Center for an M.F.A. at City College’s DIgital Intermedia Art Practice program, graduating in 2019.

Jean Carla Rodea is an interdisciplinary artist and educator from Mexico City and currently based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work involves a variety of disciplines and mediums such as music, sound, performance, photography, video, and sculpture. Her artistic practice deals with spaces and instances where socio-political and cultural constructs are rendered visible through multi-media installations and performance. Rodea is invested in understanding how time is insistently constructed through memory and how these memories whether embodied or recorded in spaces are documented and re/constructed. Archival research – whether it takes place in an institution or in her personal archive – often leads her to draw from fiction and speculative history around documents, physical traces, and spaces. Rodea has an MFA from DIAP, CUNY. And has performed extensively and shown work at Roulette, Carnegie Hall, BRIC, Knockdown Center, Judson Church, Danspace, Center for Performance Research, Panoply Lab, Rio ll Gallery, The Clemente, El Museo de Los Sures, to mention a few.

Bradley Eros is an artist, experimental filmmaker, mediamystic, maverick curator, sound collage, photographer, expanded cinema,performance, writer & poet, nomadic teacher and private investigator—initiating, exhibiting, & curating at a multitude of ephemeral spaces and long-lasting venues, from micro-cinemas & storefronts to galleries & museums. His work includes intimate collaborations with Aline Mare (Erotic Psyche), Jeanne Liotta (Mediamystics), the Alchemical Theatre, Circle X, and kinoSonik.; intense research with Jeanne Liotta on the films of Joseph Cornell. He has created dozens of ‘zines, posters, soundtracks, unique artist’s books, and film performances in the unfixed universe of ephemeral cinema.

Nicola L. Hein  is a guitarist, composer, philosopher and soundartist. As a guitarist he is mainly concerned about the search for new sounds on his instrument. He plays electric and acoustic guitar with or without preperations and tries to find new ways of playing the guitar within the context of Free Improvised Music and Jazz. He plays the guitar with his hands and plectrum but also with a lot of different objects: screws, rulers, iron wool, violin bow, abrasive paper, magnets and many other objects which are part of his musical vocabulary. The result is his very own world of sounds, which is using the rich potential of the guitar as a creator of sounds. The manual creation is a very important character of this sound world, which never gets distorted by the use of electronic effects.

Daniel Carter is an American experimental saxophone, flute, clarinet, and trumpet player active mainly in New York City since the early 1970s. One of the legendary masters of creative music. Born in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania in 1945.

Drummer/musician Kevin Shea is a true original. Few other drummers of his generation are as recognizable and idiosyncratic. His highly considered approach to the drum set is rooted in virtuosic technique, deliberate rawness, and obsessive inquiry. He has been featured on over 200 albums, has performed in over 45 countries, and maintains a relentlessly prolific and polarizing presence with countless groups and projects in the Avant-Garde, Jazz, Contemporary Music, and other genres.