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Yukari Edamitasu

The Color of Stars
MAY 26 - June 24, 2018

Yukari Edamitsu has observed the Sun, Moon and Stars and taken photographs of the celestial landscape as a daily practice. Even stars that look scattered and random have their own rules, essentially the same as a human life. She applies this cosmic order to human destiny and furthermore, to her abstract paintings.

She can see a starry sky in upstate New York, but only a few stars like dust in Manhattan. Each star is a different color. Through a new series, She would like to explore these visual impressions of stars as well as the feelings we experience when faced with natural phenomena.

Yukari Edamitsu received her BFA and MFA from Kyoto City University of Arts. The Program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists by the Japanese government enabled Edamitsu to move to America and participate at International Studio & Curatorial Program in NYC. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Most recently, she had a solo exhibition at Chashama Lobby Gallery at 1133 6th Avenue, New York, NY; a three-person exhibit at The Re Institute, Millerton, NY; and group exhibits at 100 Bogart Gallery and WAH Center, New York, NY.